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Studio apartments have been massively growing in popularity over recent years, particularly when it comes to city centre living. These type of apartments are usually defined by a living space where the bedroom, dining area, living room and kitchen are in the same room. Studio apartments are popular with younger tenants and homeowners such as young professionals or students, offering a compact and efficient living space that’s often cheaper to rent and run than standard apartments. When not decorated properly, however, studio apartments can sometimes look cramped and uninviting rather than stylish and modern. If you’re looking for ways to decorate your studio apartment, then take a look at these simple tips.

Stick to neutral shades

Minimal colour schemes work well to make a space appear larger and more open, which is exactly what you need in a studio apartment. Paint walls in colours such as white, light grey and beige rather than bright and bold shades which can sometimes feel overwhelming in a smaller space. Studio apartments from property company RW Invest are a great example of this, using stylish decor like wooden floors and neutral walls to maintain a high-end design. If you can’t help adding a bit of colour, this can always be incorporated with small details such as painted skirting boards or colourful furnishings.

Choose the right furniture

When shopping for furniture to use in your studio apartment, it’s natural to assume that everything needs to be kept small in size. In reality, this isn’t always the case, as sometimes smaller furniture can have the wrong impact, as can furniture that’s too large. Spend time assessing your space and think about what furniture sizes and styles will work best. Modular sofas are often a good option in studio apartments, which come in sections and allow you to customise their style and shape to fit the design of your apartment. When looking for items like coffee tables, consider styles that are compact and discreet, such as tables made from glass materials.

Consider smart storage

When the amount of space you have is limited, smart storage ideas should definitely be welcomed to avoid your apartment looking cluttered. Use features like floating shelves and above bed shelving units to create a place for you to keep your bits and bobs and display items like plants without taking up any floor space. Some pieces of furniture, such as a divan or ottoman bed, are also perfect for smaller apartments as they allow you to easily store any items and keep them completely out of sight.


Finally, one of the most important decorating steps for any property is to use stylish accessories to really bring the space together. Items like patterned cushions, throws, floor rugs and framed artwork will allow you to experiment with colours and patterns without permanently changing the space. When using rugs, however, stick to solid colour rugs in light shades as those with busy patterns can actually make a small space appear cluttered.

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