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  • @projectfairytale: Luisa Beccaria Resort 2018

Luisa Beccaria Resort 2018

I was looking for the perfect summer dress to survive the heat in the city and this collection kept pooping on my screen. I decided to stop fighting the destiny and leave my other article for the next days and share with you this wonderful collection. The only problem: I…
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  • @projectfairytale

Glamorous Parisian Apartment

I fell in love with the classical elegance of this home the moment I saw the first photo of it. It is so beautiful and, although some might claim that it looks staged, for me it looks like the home of a true beauty lover, someone who cannot live without…
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  • @projectfairytale: Charming Swedish Cottage

Charming Swedish Cottage

A really charming interior with many details in blue shades and natural colors, this cottage would be ideal to spend all your summer afternoons. And the idea of using the chair as a shelf for stuff is pure genius for all of us who still employ the chair as the…
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