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  • @projectfairytale: Rennesence Magnetic Mask

Rennesence Magnetic Mask Review

Good morning! I wanted to share with you a recent discovery, that, besides being an interesting beauty product was also a very interesting thing to play with. I have seen magnetic masks around the internet for a while now, but I was not very curious to try them as I…
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  • @projectfairytale hair accessories

8 Hair Bow and Ribbons Ideas

Lately, I’ve been wanting to do more with my hair than simply blow dry it. I started to do waves and curls and also use some accessories to up my game. And I realized that most of the things I used are actually things I had in my home already,…
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  • @projectfairytale: 5 TIps for Acne Rosacea Management

5 Tips for Dealing with Acne Rosacea

Image source I have to make a confession: I am suffering from a form of rosacea (subtype 2 – Papulopustular Rosacea) that manifests itself through a very inflamed acne all over my cheeks. I discovered it once I went to see a dermatologist, approximately one month after it started and…
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  • @pfairytale How to make a bohemian bow braid?

How to Make a Bohemian Bow Braid

This is an events-filled period, everyone has a wedding / baptism / anniversary to attend and styling your hair could prove to be the most difficult part: you want something simple, pretty, relaxed but still looking chic and fabulous. And this hairstyle could prove to be the perfect answer. It’s…
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