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  • DIY: Twisted Bun | Project Fairytale

Beauty Notes: Twisted Bun

Time for a new Beauty Note: an easy to make and quite spectacular updo. Lately I’ve been trying to style my hair in as many creative ways as possible, as it’s now long enough and I don’t know how much longer I can hang on without cutting it. So, when…
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  • Project Fairytale: Beauty Notes - #2 Hydrating

Beauty Notes #2 – Hydration

So, continuing the Beauty Notes series with my daily routine in caring for my skin, I give to you episode #2: Hydration. After a thorough cleansing, next step in my routine is hydration. And it’s really important and you should never skip it. You should use whatever is the best…
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  • Project Fairytale: Beauty Notes - #1 Cleansing

Beauty Notes #1 – Cleansing

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to speak more about myself on the blog… I will try to add some funny stories from my everyday life, photos of myself and information I might consider useful. And I thought I begin with my skin care routine and the products I…
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Beauty Notes: DIY Simple Side Chignon

It’s time for a beauty DIY. I have a weakness for amber-colored hair, since my current color is somewhere around there (less red, more caramel like, but still, gorgeous – modesty has committed suicide today ;)). This is why I was instantly attracted to this beautiful hairstyle. Step 1 Using…
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