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  • Project Fairytale: Beauty Notes - #2 Hydrating

Beauty Notes #2 – Hydration

So, continuing the Beauty Notes series with my daily routine in caring for my skin, I give to you episode #2: Hydration. After a thorough cleansing, next step in my routine is hydration. And it’s really important and you should never skip it. You should use whatever is the best…
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  • Project Fairytale: Beauty Notes - #1 Cleansing

Beauty Notes #1 – Cleansing

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to speak more about myself on the blog… I will try to add some funny stories from my everyday life, photos of myself and information I might consider useful. And I thought I begin with my skin care routine and the products I…
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Beauty Notes: DIY Simple Side Chignon

It’s time for a beauty DIY. I have a weakness for amber-colored hair, since my current color is somewhere around there (less red, more caramel like, but still, gorgeous – modesty has committed suicide today ;)). This is why I was instantly attracted to this beautiful hairstyle. Step 1 Using…
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Beauty Notes: Magnifique Skin

Last week, when it was still warm and sunny I attended a lovely event organized by Magnifique Skin, a new concept in skin care. The concept reunites seven new ranges of innovating dermocosmetics products created in the French laboratories of ACM and Lysaskin. They address and successfully treat the most…
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