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  • Easter DIY | Project Fairytale

DIY: Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Easter is fast approaching and each year I am looking for creative ways to decorate the eggs. This is my favourite part when preparing for Easter. Me and my mum always color the eggs on Maundy Thursday, according to the Orthodox tradition and make some of them using onion peels…
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  • DIY Cotton Clouds | Project Fairytale

DIY: How to Make Your Own Glow Cotton Clouds

I have a weak spot for clouds, especially cloud shaped designs… They evoke in my mind a clear serenity that no other shape can achieve… And when I started to see all over Pinterest all kind of DIY projects that had as a final result beautiful, puffy clouds that illuminated…
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  • Project Fairytale: DIY

DIY: Gorgeous Fabric Wrapped Gift Boxes

If you love making gifts you must also like them took as nice as possible, which, for some people is easily achieved through a very nice gift wrap with some personal touches. But after many gifts given and received, I started to look for more original ideas for my presents,…
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  • Project Fairytale: DIY Terrarium

DIY: Make Your Own Terrarium

Let’s start the week with a new DIY project. As I previously stated I am a very big lover of greenhouses for the inside atmosphere and the way they can transport me to specific childhood moments. Unfortunately I don’t have the possibility of building myself a greenhouse or even a…
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