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  • Project Fairytale: DIY Hairstyle

DIY: Decorated Chignon

I have not posted a hairstyle DIY for a long time and this beautiful chignon, besides the fact that it looks super easy to do, is also quite spectacular. You can adorn it with any other shapes you have at hand, like bows, precious crystals or anything else that crosses…
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  • robbers_hallowen_costume

DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

Did you prepare your costume for this evening’s trick-or-treating? I must confess I did not, which means that this morning I started checking frantically the internet in search for some inspiration… Easy to do inspiration I mean, since I will have a maximum of two hours to put everything together…
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  • Project Fairytale: DIY Hanging Papaer Bat for Halloween

DIY: Black Paper Hanging Bats

I thinks this is the easiest DIY ever: just print a template, cut paper and hang… And it should look great, especially in room dominated by light colors. If you plan on having a spooky home for Halloween, these bats are a must have in your decor.   Materials: Half-bat…
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