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  • Project Fairytale: DIY Campaign Chest

DIY: Campaign Chest

A lovely project for a fun weekend. This chest could brighten any space, and it seems pretty easy and fairly inexpensive to make (if you already own a drawer chest you no longer like, it can be considered cheap). More photos and the complete instructions on For Chic Sake. Keep…
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  • DIY paper capiz shell chandelier

DIY: Faux Capiz Shell Chandelier

The plans for this weekend suffered a dramatic changes, and I woke up with a lot of free time (free meaning also by myself). I cannot complain, since I wanted to DIY something for a while now: the Faux Capiz shell Chandelier using wax paper. It looks easy to make…
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  • gold foil tumbler glasses

DIY Midas Tumblers

Whenever I enter a store that could store any kind of glasses, I am instantly drawn to that section. Plates and other tableware bore me, but glasses, oh glasses! It could have something to do with my love for wine and cocktails, but that theory was not proved yet! Still,…
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  • Watercolor-Letter-Easter-Eggs

DIY: Watercolour Letter Easter Eggs

Easter is coming next weekend and, like every year, I will celebrate it in my family, even though we are almost all Orthodox and our Easter this year will come on the 5th of May. But my grandma is a member of the Reformed Church and we all love to…
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Sparkling DIY Pillow Cover

Let’s talk again about sparkle. This post is about bringing some sparkle to your home. And the easiest way is adding a sequined pillow to your living room sofa or to your favourite armchair. I found an easy DIY project for creating a sensational glittery pillow case. I have many…
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