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  • @projectfairytale: Maison Raquette Bridal SS 2017

Maison Raquette Bridal SS 2017

I am so excited to post these gorgeous dresses, from the Romanian brand Raquette. I can honestly say these are my favorite bridal outfits ever! The subtle details on each piece are just perfect, the matte material, not a hint of sparkle (I would suggest wearing some accessories, just because…
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  • @pfairytale Caroline Hayden Bridal Ideas

Caroline Hayden Bridal

Well, hello again simplicity. And turtle necks and pants for bridal wear. I am obsessesd, I must confess. These stunners from Caroline Hayden are to die for and do you want to know the best part: they are not exclusively bridal, most styles can actually be purchased on black or…
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