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Happy Friday!

  • Project Fairytale: DIY Hanging Papaer Bat for Halloween

DIY: Black Paper Hanging Bats

I thinks this is the easiest DIY ever: just print a template, cut paper and hang… And it should look great, especially in room dominated by light colors. If you plan on having a spooky home for Halloween, these bats are a must have in your decor.   Materials: Half-bat…
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  • the weekend is here project fairytale weeeee

Happy Weekened!

After a very long and exhausting week, today is like a blessing. I plan to rest, lay around the pool, cook something really delicious, read and enjoy the summer. What are your plans for this weekend? Image source Keep up with Project Fairytale Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter
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  • gold foil tumbler glasses

DIY Midas Tumblers

Whenever I enter a store that could store any kind of glasses, I am instantly drawn to that section. Plates and other tableware bore me, but glasses, oh glasses! It could have something to do with my love for wine and cocktails, but that theory was not proved yet! Still,…
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