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Stories Behind Images

When an image evokes a whole story inside of me, that, in my humble opinion, is a good image. And Eugenio Recuenco‘s photographs do just that. I can stare at almost any one of his works for minutes trying to figure out what lies behind those colors, those expressions, those…
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Farewell Kisses

Hello lovelies! How is your Saturday going? I have a busy weekend ahead but I had to stop everything I was doing and share this with all of you… These are photos, courtesy of the Life Archives, shot at Penn Station in New York in 1943 by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt…
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First day of Spring

As you already know I love fairytales… When I find a place that would make a perfect decor for a story I immediatly start writing it in my mind. This happened when I saw this little house in the woods. I will let the description by Atelier ST, becaue it…
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Paper Cut Fairytales

The title of this blog should explain why I felt the sudden urge to share these images with all of you. They are the result of the patience and creativity of Emilie and Aurélie who combined their love for graphic design, food and beautiful photos into a “fairytale project”. I…
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