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  • @projectfairytale: 5 TIps for Acne Rosacea Management

5 Tips for Dealing with Acne Rosacea

Image source I have to make a confession: I am suffering from a form of rosacea (subtype 2 – Papulopustular Rosacea) that manifests itself through a very inflamed acne all over my cheeks. I discovered it once I went to see a dermatologist, approximately one month after it started and…
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  • @pfairytale Perfectly Dreamy Nordic Home

Perfectly Dreamy Nordic Home

As usual, Denisa’s Daily Dream Decor is an endless source of inspiration and overall dreaminess. And it is the case with this lovely home too, a perfect Nordic home with dreamy vibes. If you’re asking yourself why is she sharing another Scandinavian home, well the answer is because it’s lovely.…
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