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  • @projectfairytale: A Scandinavian Home

Swedish Home in Darker Colors

Another Scandinavian interior you might say, and it would be true. But this one has some really inspiring details, like the predominance of darker colors when it comes to the furniture and floors, those lovely framed photographs (that I love as they remind me of my own home) and the…
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  • @pfairytale Fairytale Home in Dublin

Fairytale Home in Dublin

When I first saw an image from this home on Daily Dream Decor, I saw the beautiful iron staircase that reminded me of the one I found while trespassing in an abandoned castle in Transylvania. Then I saw the kitchen and I had a glimpse of Mendl’s confectionery shop from…
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  • @pfairytale

The Perfect Living Room

Image via Daily Dream Decor This doesn’t look like my usual interiors posts but this living room has got me dreaming of redecorating my apartment… Actually move to a space that could offer the perfect industrial background for all the feminine details I like to have around the house. I…
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  • @pfairytale Vibrant LA home

Vibrant Downtown L.A. Home

This might look like a little too much, with all that green and all that pink plus the flamingo details but it is what really got me. I love the mixed of vibrant colors and I adore pink, plus flamingos are some of my favourite decor pieces form the animal…
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  • @pfairytale Renovated Hamburg Villa

Renovated 1898 Hamburg Villa

I haven’t roamed DailyDreamDecor in a while and I was sure I was missing out on things. But as you might have noticed from the lack of posts here that I have been busy (sometimes my real, daily life gets a hold of me and forbids me to dedicate myself…
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