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  • Project Fairytale: Huesos Restaurant, Guadalajara

Interiors: Hueso Restaurant, Guadalajara

Love the design of this Guadalajara restaurant of chef Alonso Cadena by his brother Igancio, inspired by Darwinism and adorned with over 10,000 cast aluminium animal bones that have been mounted on timber blocks to cover the walls like a second skin. The name is the Spanish word for “BONE”…
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  • Project Fairytale: Bold Colors in Mexico City

Interiors: Bold Colors in Mexico City

Oh my, this is just too much: bold colors, dark walls, pink furniture… Can this be my future home, please? It is actually the home of interior designer and antique dealer Dirk Jan Kinet, located in the historical heart of Mexico City. It combines the European charm with the bold…
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Interiors vs. Exteriors: Observatory House

Architectural photographer Iwan Baan shot the Observatory House, designed by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco and built by architect Tatiana Bilbao in Roca Blanca, Mexico.The house is inspired on the Jantar Mantar Astronomical Observatory, built in Delhi in 1724. From: SomeWhereIWouldLoveToLive via Archdaily Keep up with Project Fairytale Facebook / Pinterest…
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