Glamorous Parisian Apartment


I fell in love with the classical elegance of this home the moment I saw the first photo of it. It is so beautiful and, although some might claim that it looks staged, for me it looks like the home of a true beauty lover, someone who cannot live without being surrounded by all the things that bring joy to their soul.

And this gets me to another thing: I really cannot understand how can some people put so little value on their home and their surrounding environment. I mean, for me, being surrounded by all the things that bring joy to my soul is a must. Even before, I would gather all the stupid trinkets and memories and put them somewhere I could see them as they really inspired me and reminded me of happy moments. I know some people call me a hoarder, but I just don’t think I could live in a cold, impersonal space for minimalism’s sake…

How about you? would you sacrifice the things that you feel you are connected to in order to live a minimal lifestyle?








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  • Joan

    Written on July 25, 2017


    I love stuff. I don’t want to end up in a nursing home like my mom. There is one night stand. Half of her non-clothes have gone missing. It breaks my heart. So enjoy while you can.

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