Inspiration: Friday Favourites

Project Fairytale: Friday Favourites

Project Fairytale: Friday Favourites

I am in the mood to do so many things that almost always I end up lying on the couch or in bed, incapable to decide what would give me more pleasure. I want to travel and discover a new city, I want to go in the countryside, I crave sweets and chinese food, I want to spend a quiet Sunday in a tea-house garden and in the same time go shopping with my friends. This is just how my mood was in the last weeks. It might just be the spring and its perpetual change and the strange weather, but I don’t know… So I try to take it easy: for example, for this particular weekend, I would just wear the dress above (from Ulyana Sergheenko’s Spring 2014 Capsule collection) and eat a delicious pink glazed cake at Nina’s in Paris…

How about you? What are your plans? Or your dreams for this weekend?

Project Fairytale: Friday Favourites

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